Khapa Road, Saoner, Nagpur, Maharashtra – 441107

K John Aims

Our Aim

Learning at the K. J. P.S

The aim of education at K.John Public School is the all round development and integral growth of the child physical, mental, social, psychological and spiritual. In the present time when social consciousness is very much stressed, we train the children so that they in their turn play a vital role in bringing about the desired changes for the betterment of our society.

The world of today is changing at a pace never seen before in the history of human race. Education faces a world of excessive competitiveness reflected in individualism, consumerism and success at all cost. There is a heightened awareness of the mass media and social media on the attitude and perception of people and cultures.

To create a conducive environment in our school for better education, all the members of the school community, the management, staff, students and the parents are collectively responsible.

The school has well qualified, trained, dedicated and committed staff. The school campus is located in idyllic surroundings, free from pollution and disturbances, quite conducive for the all complete development of the child.